Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Style Lockers is well aware of the significance of safety and data protection laws. In this regard, we attach great importance to protecting the security, integrity, veracity, and confidentiality of the data provided by our customers and users, acting in this regard responsibly and transparently. This Privacy Policy aims to advise you on how we obtain, handle, and secure personal data. Additionally, using or any other medium such as mobile, email, or postal mail to determine the intent of the data collected, as well as the reasons for which third parties may use it.

Style Lockers notes that an attempt has been made to explain this policy clearly and as simply as possible. We are well aware that your privacy is important, so if you have any concerns, we suggest that you read our Policy and email us your queries. Our Policy applies to all services offered by our platform but restricts certain programs subject to separate privacy policies that do not include this Policy.

Our policy does not control other companies' information processing activities and organizations that promote our services and/or goods. That may use cookies, account counters, and other methods to publish and sell related ads. 

Personal Information We Collect:

Many details about your device will immediately be obtained as you enter the Site, including data about your internet browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies built on your system. We also gather data about the personal web pages or products you view, what items or search terms you referred to the Site, and how you interact with the Site as you browse the Site. Such dynamically generated data is labeled "Device Information."

We may use the data you provide in a non personally identifiable manner (aggregated form) for internal business purposes, such as designing promotional campaigns and processing details. We may store, collect, or gather other non-personally identifiable information about your use of, such as details about which of our pages receives the most views and how visitors access the website.

We may exchange or transfer Personal Information and non-personally recognizable data with or to our subsidiaries, licensees, and partners to enhance the viewing experience of our website and to create our business and website design plan. We may also engage companies or individuals on our behalf to take on certain business functions such as data analytics firms, customer support specialists, web hosting firms, and fulfillment firms.


We also use "cookies" like many websites, which are data saved by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. Cookies help us identify and improve account owners’ browsing experience.

On this website, cookies are not used to store information about your account; this information is stored safely on this website's server. Cookies will also be used to monitor and retain data about your website's usage.

Cookies will also be used to monitor the name of the website you accessed directly before visiting this website; otherwise, we will not collect details about your use of these websites.

Some sites allow cookies automatically, but they can be turned off. We suggest you leave "turned on" cookies so that we can provide you with a better shopping experience on this website. We may also collect and store data about you that we receive from other sources to update and modify the data stored in our database and provide you with tips for products and special offers that we feel will interest you.

Is it possible to modify this Privacy Policy?

When we make any major revisions to this Privacy Policy, we will publish a note on this page, notifying the adjustments' customers. In some instances, we may also send an email notifying users of the improvements. You can visit this website regularly to see if there have been any recent changes to this Privacy Policy.