Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions explain the rights, obligations, and duties regarding the items Style Lockers provides to you, the Customer. Style Lockers undertakes to take the utmost caution and use methods that we believe are most relevant to each item's type and condition. But we can not be held responsible for intrinsic flaws and faults and defects that are not clearly evident during shipping.

Terms of Usage:

The following details provide you with the terms of use for the use of the https://www.stylelockers.co.uk/ website. You may want to review these Website Terms carefully when you start surfing our website. By using the Website, you understand that you accept and intend to comply with these Terms. If you do not comply with these Website Terms, please refrain from using the website.

Accessing Style Lockers

Access to Style Lockers is authorized only, and we reserve the right to delete or change the product we sell on our website without prior notice. We are not liable if our website is not accessible at any time or for any reason or cause. We can then restrict users' access to certain parts of our website or the entire site.

You will process the data as confidential. You may not disclose it to third parties when picking and obtaining an identification code, password, or any other piece of information within the scope of our registration, security, or transaction procedures. We are permitted at all times to deactivate any identification code or password, whether selected by you or assigned by us if, in our opinion, you have not met any of the requirements of these terms of usage.


The contents of the website https://www.stylelockers.co.uk/ are provided without promise, restriction, or assurance in compliance with their validity. We and relevant third parties hereby expressly exempt ourselves from the law authorizing degree:

  1. All other statutory or common law or equity terms or conditions.
  2. Any loss or harm caused by, or arising from, any of the websites relating to or mentioned here, including, without limitation, loss of revenue or sales liability, loss of profit, loss of earnings or of offers, loss of valuable property, loss of revenue, etc.

Accuracy of Content:

We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the information found on this website is accurate, particularly that the prices shown are correct at the time of publication and that all items have been identified correctly. We are committed to providing accurate images of the products on this website. Nevertheless, all types of electronic displays vary in color/dimensional representation, and therefore there may be some variations between the projected product images and the actual product.

Timely website updates:

We choose to update our page regularly, and we can modify the content at any time. Where required, we can block or close access to our website indefinitely. The content found on this website may be outdated, and we are not obliged to update this information at any time.

Third-Party Websites:

The website may contain links to other websites ('Third Party websites') and information, photos, text, templates, software, and other materials or items from third parties. We are not responsible for any third-party websites that may be accessed from our website or any third-party material posted or generated on the site. This includes third-party websites or third-party details, such as information or content, quality, reliability of views, and privacy policies that we do not test, track or verify for validity, appropriateness, or completeness.

Other websites and businesses carry out all transactions made on third-party sites, and we claim zero responsibility for sales made directly between you and the applicable third party. You understand and accept that we do not endorse any products or services sold on third party websites and that we do not protect you from any harm caused by the purchase of any of those products or services. You can not, therefore, hold us responsible for any damage or loss that third-party content or, in any way, any interaction with third-party websites can cause to you.